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Robert Olmstead


Robert Olmstead

Robert Olmstead is the author of nine books. COAL BLACK HORSE was the winner of the Heartland Prize for Fiction. THE COLDEST NIGHT was a finalist for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize. FAR BRIGHT STAR was the winner of the Western Writers of America Spur Award. Olmstead is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and an NEA grant and is a professor at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Robert Olmstead

Books by Robert Olmstead

by Robert Olmstead - Fiction, Historical Fiction

In September 1873, Elizabeth Coughlin, a widow bankrupted by her husband’s folly and death, embarks on a buffalo hunt with her estranged and mysterious brother-in-law, Michael. With no money, family, job or security, she hopes to salvage something of her former life and the lives of the hired men and their families who depend on her. Elizabeth and Michael plunge south across the aptly named Deadline demarcating Indian Territory from their home state of Kansas. Nothing could have prepared them for the dangers. They’re on borrowed time: the Comanche are in winter quarters, and the cruel work of slaughtering the buffalo is unraveling their souls. They must get back alive.

by Robert Olmstead - Historical Fiction

Henry Childs is seventeen when he falls into a love affair so intense it nearly consumes him, but when young Mercy’s disapproving father threatens Henry’s life, Henry enlists in the marines and arrives in Korea on the eve of the battle of the Chosin Reservoir. Henry is completely unprepared for war, but the challenges he meets upon arriving home, scarred and haunted, are greater by far.