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Robert A. Schuller


Robert A. Schuller

Robert Anthony Schuller (born October 7, 1954, in Blue Island, Illinois) is an American televangelist, author, and television executive. He was formerly a minister on the "Hour of Power" weekly television program broadcast from the Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, California, where he was named senior pastor in 2006.

An ordained minister, Schuller is the only son of Crystal Cathedral founders Robert H. Schuller and Arvella Schuller. He is the best-selling author of GETTING THROUGH THE GOING THROUGH STAGE, DUMP YOUR HANG UPS, POSSIBILITY LIVING and the New York Times best seller WALKING IN YOUR OWN SHOES He was the senior pastor of the "Hour of Power" and the Crystal Cathedral for nearly three years, from January 2006 to November 2008. According to the "Hour of Power" website, he resigned as senior pastor on November 29, 2008. He continues his ministry with Robert Schuller Ministries and is also chairman of Comstar Media Fund, a media investment company, and the Coalition for American Renewal.

Robert A. Schuller

Books by Robert A. Schuller

by Robert A. Schuller - Christian, Inspirational

Based on personal experience from his own dark periods of life, Robert A. Schuller shares with readers what he learned God was up to --- in his relationships, health, finances and emotional life --- explaining finally how he found that, in even the most difficult moments, there is reason to trust in God.