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Richard Zimler


Richard Zimler

Richard Zimler was born in New York and studied journalism at Stanford University. He has published eight novels over the last 15 years, including the famous THE LAST KABBALIST OF LISBON.

Richard has won numerous prizes for his work, including the Marquis de Ouro prize in 2010 --- as Book of the Year in Portugal --- for THE WARSAW ANAGRAMSHe also won the 2009 Alberto Benveniste prize in fiction for GUARDIAN OF THE DAWN (for best Jewish-themed novel published in France), and the 1998 Herodotus Award, for THE LAST KABBALIST OF LISBON (Best First Historical Novel). Additionally, THE LAST KABBALIST OF LISBON was picked as 1998 Book of the Year by three British critics. HUNTING MIDNIGHT, THE SEARCH FOR SANA and THE SEVENTH GATE have all been nominated for the International IMPAC Literary Award, the richest prize in the English-speaking world. He was also granted a 1994 U.S. National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship in Fiction.

Richard is also a contributor to the Los Angeles Times Book Review. When he’s not writing, he enjoys gardening at his weekend house in the north of Portugal.

Books by Richard Zimler

by Richard Zimler - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Forced to lead a double life when her father and boyfriend become Nazi collaborators, 14-year-old Sophie reserves her dreams of becoming an actress for her beloved elderly neighbor and his friends, most of whom are Jews working against the government in a secret group called the Ring. When a member is sent to Dachau, she realizes there must be a Nazi traitor in the group. But who?

by Richard Zimler - Fiction, Historical Fiction

An elderly psychiatrist named Erik Cohen makes his way home to the Jewish ghetto after being interned in a Nazi labor camp. Yet only one visionary man --- Heniek Corben --- can see him and hear him. Heniek soon realizes that Cohen has become an ibbur --- a spirit. But how and why has he taken this form?