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Richard North Patterson


Richard North Patterson

Richard North Patterson is the New York Times bestselling author of 23 novels, including the #1 New York Times bestseller PROTECT AND DEFEND, as well as a nonfiction narrative of the 2016 presidential campaign. Formerly a trial lawyer, Patterson’s numerous awards include the Edgar Allan Poe Award. Critics have called him “one of the best in the business” and “our most important popular novelist.”

Between 2015 and 2021, Patterson was a regular columnist for national publications, noted for his widely read commentaries on American politics. Concerning his novel, BALANCE OF POWER, President Bill Clinton said, “Richard North Patterson has a keen eye for how Washington really works,” while Senator Edward Kennedy called it “a great read by a masterful writer.” TRIAL is his first novel in nine years.

Patterson lives on Martha’s Vineyard and in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife, Dr. Nancy Clair.

Richard North Patterson

Books by Richard North Patterson

by Richard North Patterson - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Malcolm Hill, a Black 18-year-old voting rights worker, is stopped by a white sheriff’s deputy on a dark country road in rural Georgia. His single mother, Allie, America’s leading voting rights advocate, restlessly awaits his return before police inform her that Malcolm has been arrested for murder. In Washington, D.C., the rising, young white congressman Chase Brevard of Massachusetts is watching the morning news with his girlfriend, only to find his life transformed in a single moment by the appearance of Malcolm’s photograph. Suddenly all three are enveloped in a media firestorm that threatens their lives --- especially Malcolm’s.

by Richard North Patterson - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

As the court inquest into Benjamin Blaine's death casts suspicions on those closest to him, his son Adam struggles to protect them from those who still suspect that his father was murdered by one of his kin. But the sternest test of all is Adam's proximity to Carla Pacelli, his late father's mistress and a woman who, despite being pivotal to his family's plight, Adam finds himself increasingly drawn to.

by Richard North Patterson - Fiction, Historical Fiction

The time is June 1968, and America is in turmoil, engulfed in civil unrest in the midst of an unpopular war. As seen through the eyes of 21-year-old Whitney Dane, the summer with her family at Martha’s Vineyard should provide certainty and safety. By the end of that summer, the lives of Whitney and all those closest to her will change in dramatic ways.

by Richard North Patterson - Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Using his training as a CIA operative, Ben Blaine skillfully seeks to find the truth surrounding his father’s violent death --- even if it means exposing one of his own family members as the killer and unearthing hidden skeletons that were never meant to be found.