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Rebecca Frankel


Rebecca Frankel

Rebecca Frankel is the New York Times bestselling author of INTO THE FOREST: A Holocaust Story of Survival, Triumph, and Love, and WAR DOGS: Tales of Canine Heroism, History, and Love. She is former executive editor at Foreign Policy magazine. Her work has appeared in Smithsonian Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and National Geographic, among others. A Connecticut native, she lives in Washington, DC.

Rebecca Frankel

Books by Rebecca Frankel

by Rebecca Frankel - Biography, History, Nonfiction

In the summer of 1942, the Rabinowitz family narrowly escaped the Nazi ghetto in their Polish town by fleeing to the forbidding Bialowieza Forest. They miraculously survived two years in the woods --- through brutal winters, Typhus outbreaks and merciless Nazi raids --- until they were liberated by the Red Army in 1944. After the war, they trekked across the Alps into Italy where they settled as refugees before eventually immigrating to the United States. During the first ghetto massacre, Miriam Rabinowitz rescued a young boy named Philip by pretending he was her son. Nearly a decade later, a chance encounter at a wedding in Brooklyn would lead Philip to find the woman who saved him. And to discover her daughter Ruth was the love of his life.

by Rebecca Frankel - History, Military, Nonfiction

The history of dogs in the US military is long and rich, from the spirit-lifting mascots of the Civil War to the dogs still leading patrols hunting for IEDs today. In WAR DOGS, Rebecca Frankel offers a riveting mix of on-the-ground reporting, her own hands-on experiences in the military working dog world, and a look at the science of dogs’ special abilities --- from their amazing noses and powerful jaws to their enormous sensitivity to the emotions of their human companions.