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Randolph W. Hobler


Randolph W. Hobler

Randolph Hobler is, in no particular order, a perspicacious marketer, a fastidious author, a voracious reader, a tenacious researcher, a conscientious thinker, a curious observer, an industrious composer, a gregarious world traveler, a punctilious musician, and a prodigious anthemologist.

He served in the Peace Corps in Libya from 1968-1969 in the Berber village of Al Gala, in the Nefusa Mountains 85 miles south of Tripoli. Besides his daily diary and a sometimes journal, he interviewed 101 of his fellow Libyan Peace Corps volunteers in depth for this book --- creating a unique collective memoir amongst the 1,000+ books on the Peace Corps.

A graduate of Andover and Princeton University, Hobler has spent 42 years in national and international advertising, marketing and consulting. He is fluent in French and conversational in Spanish and Arabic.

Randolph W. Hobler

Books by Randolph W. Hobler

by Randolph W. Hobler - Memoir, Nonfiction

101 ARABIAN TALES is a unique collective memoir, garnered from in-depth interviews with 101 fellow Libyan Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. The story’s spine is Randolph W. Hobler’s own narrative, anchored to and deftly embroidered with hundreds of other anecdotes. Rather than a narrow individual view, this collective sharing provides many rich hues and shades of experiences --- hilarious, heartbreaking, insightful and poignant, as well as educational and inspiring. These volunteers were spread out over 900 miles, resulting in an omniscient kaleidoscope of experiences, many of which fall under the category of “you can’t make this up!” Hobler’s breezy whimsical style is accessible and entertaining, capped off with 220 compelling photographs.