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Randi Reisfeld


Randi Reisfeld

Randi Reisfeld has written over 60 books, primarily for ‘tweens and teens; non-fiction (celebrity biographies, two of which have made the New York Times best seller list); and fiction. She wrote the Clueless series, original stories based on the characters in the movie, as well as six books based on the character of TV's Moesha. Her original fiction series called T*Witches is a Disney Channel TV movie, broadcast October 2005. [NOTE: Although Witches is in the title, this series is completely wholesome, compelling, and humorous, and has nothing to do with the occult].

She is an editor at Scholastic, as well.

Randi Reisfeld

Books by Randi Reisfeld

by H. B. Gilmour and Randi Reisfeld - Young Adult 9+

Identical twins. Separated at birth. For one very good reason...Cam sees things happening before they happen. Very bad things. Alex hears things. The things people think but haven¹t said. If they ever met, they could combine their powerful gifts and help people. Or they could fall into the hands of the powerful warlock who wants them for evil...or dead. They're about to meet.