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Phoef Sutton


Phoef Sutton

Phoef Sutton is a writer, producer and novelist who has written for shows such as "Cheers," "NewsRadio" and "Boston Legal." Sutton is also the winner of two Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe and a Peabody Award.

Phoef Sutton

Books by Phoef Sutton

by Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Emerson Knight is introverted, eccentric, and has little to no sense of social etiquette. Good thing he’s also brilliant, rich and (some people might say) handsome, or he’d probably be homeless. Riley Moon has just graduated from Harvard Business and Harvard Law. Her aggressive Texas spitfire attitude has helped her land her dream job as a junior analyst with mega-bank Blane-Grunwald. At least Riley Moon thought it was her dream job, until she is given her first assignment: babysitting Emerson Knight. What starts off as an inquiry about missing bank funds in the Knight account leads to inquiries about a missing man, missing gold, and a life-and-death race across the country.

by Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton - Fiction, Mystery

Murdered and mummified nearly a century ago, notorious bootlegger Collier “Peg Leg” Dazzle discovered and re-hid a famous pirate’s treasure somewhere along the coast of New England. A vast collection of gold and silver coins and precious gems, the bounty also contains the Stone of Avarice --- the very item reluctant treasure seeker Lizzy Tucker and her partner, Diesel, have been enlisted to find. But greed is eternal and insatiable, and Lizzy and Diesel aren’t the only ones searching for the lost pirate’s chest.