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Patricia Beard


Patricia Beard

Patricia Beard is the author of 11 nonfiction books, one novel and hundreds of magazine articles. A former features editor of Town & Country and Mirabella, and former contributing editor of ELLE, FACE THE MUSIC is her first collaboration.

Patricia Beard

Books by Patricia Beard

by Peter Duchin with Patricia Beard - Memoir, Nonfiction

The internationally famous bandleader Peter Duchin's six decades of performing have taken him to the most exclusive dance floors and concert halls in the world. He has played for presidents, kings and queens, as well as for civil rights and cultural organizations. But in 2013, Duchin suffered a stroke that left him with limited use of his left hand, severely impacting his career. Days of recuperating from his stroke --- and later from a critical case of COVID-19 --- inspired Duchin to reconsider his complicated past. More than a memoir, FACE THE MUSIC offers a window into the era of debutantes and white-tie balls, when such events made national headlines.

by Patricia Beard - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Set in 1948 at an idyllic beach community called Wauregan, this debut novel introduces readers to Helen Wadsworth, whose husband has been declared missing since an OSS operation in France during World War II. She is currently vacationing with her 14-year-old son, Jack, as they always have done. While she waits for news about what happened to her husband and longs for his return, two other men fall for her, which brings drama to the summer.