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Pam Davis


Pam Davis

Pam Davis is well acquainted with the deceptive lure and power of fame and fortune. As a former model with the world-renowned Kim Dawson Agency and wife of former major league baseball pitcher Steve Davis, she has experienced the sweetest fruits secular popularity has to offer. And as thrilling and tempting as the things of the world were, she knew there was so much more.

Davis was born and raised in Ft. Worth, Texas. She left her home and her modeling career behind when she felt the call of God on her heart. As a student at Liberty University, she studied biblical studies and cross-cultural ministries because, she said, she wanted to learn if God could be found like she had imagined as a child.

Through Campus Crusade for Christ, Davis took a leap of faith and moved into the mission field in what was then the dangerous Soviet Union. Seeing young people in their native culture learn of and experience God’s grace had a profound effect on Pam. “Introducing people across the world to the Person of Grace --- not merely the message --- became the most exciting adventure.” Years later, she would call upon her experiences in the mission field when she began to write stories of young girls who came to know God’s grace --- writings that would later become the basis of the Girls ’n Grace series.

In spite of her positive experiences overseas, Davis secretly grappled with feelings of inadequacy and distance from God. “I remember a time in my life when God’s grace seemed completely buried. I knew God had saved me, but I was experiencing very little life. The chasm between who I was and who I wanted to be was torturous,” Davis recalls. This inner turmoil eventually manifested itself in an eating disorder. At a treatment center, God revealed the aspect of Himself that Davis had been missing --- His precious gift of grace, not just for salvation, but for living each day. “I discovered that I can receive God’s spiritual blessings only when I cease trying to earn them,” Davis says.

As she was preparing to return to the Soviet Union after a brief visit back home, she met and married Steve Davis and quickly discovered the Lord was opening an entirely new mission field to her: professional athletes and their wives. Through those years and later, she developed skills in public speaking as a fashion show commentator and image coach, while also studying computer programming and fiction and non-fiction writing.

Davis recently stepped into the media spotlight as the creator of the Girls ’n Grace series, a collection of books and coordinating character dolls that provide young Christian girls, ages 7-12, with believable female role models that teach them what it means to live in God’s grace. She began the new venture after American Girl, Inc. elected to sustain their relationship with an organization that supports abortion and liberal feminism. The Girls ’n Grace project has given Davis the chance to use her various gifts in one setting. Besides the creation of characters and stories, she has also designed an engaging interactive website for both girls and moms,

Though her latest projects have focused on a younger audience, Davis’s original passion in ministry was communicating grace to women, which led her to develop Grace ’n Christ Ministries. Through this ministry, she provides Bible study tools used in churches and ministry groups around the country. In addition to books, she has created interactive web games to facilitate fun Christian discipleship. As a motivational speaker, Davis uses a candid teaching style that entertains and leaves her audiences refreshed and ready to live in an embrace of God’s grace. This transforming message is at the heart of her newest book, PURE GOLD: Embracing God's Grace.

Davis, her husband Steve and their three children live in Ft. Worth where she serves as Spiritual Life Coordinator for a college-prep Christian school, sharing with the students how to practically live in the embrace of God’s grace.

Pam Davis