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Nicole Galland


Nicole Galland

Nicole Galland’s novels span the spectrum from historical (THE FOOL'S TALE, REVENGE OF THE ROSE, CROSSED, GODIVA) to Shakespearean (I, IAGO) to contemporary rom-com (STEPDOG) to speculative fiction (New York Times bestselling THE RISE AND FALL OF D.O.D.O. co-written with Neal Stephenson).

She has also worked as a stage director, dramaturg and X-wing fighter pilot.

Nicole Galland

Books by Nicole Galland

by Nicole Galland - Fiction, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

MASTER OF THE REVELS picks up where THE RISE AND FALL OF D.O.D.O. left off, as Tristan Lyons, Mel Stokes and their fellow outcasts from the Department of Diachronic Operations (D.O.D.O.) fight to stop the powerful Irish witch Gráinne from using time travel to reverse the evolution of all modern technology. Chief amongst Gráinne’s plots: to encrypt cataclysmic spells into Shakespeare’s “cursed” play, “Macbeth.” When her fellow rogue agents fall victim to Gráinne’s schemes, Mel is forced to send Tristan’s untested, wayward sister Robin back in time to 1606 London, where Edmund Tilney, the king’s Master of Revels, controls all staged performances in London. And now Gráinne controls Tilney.

by Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland - Adventure, Fiction, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Military intelligence operator Tristan Lyons approaches Melisande Stokes, an expert in linguistics and languages, about translating some very old documents, which, if authentic, are earth-shattering. They prove that magic actually existed and was practiced for centuries. But the arrival of the scientific revolution and the Age of Enlightenment weakened its power and endangered its practitioners. And so the Department of Diachronic Operations --- D.O.D.O. --- gets cracking on its real mission: to develop a device that can bring magic back, and send Diachronic Operatives back in time to keep it alive…and meddle with a little history at the same time.

by Nicole Galland - Fantasy, Science Fiction

From the author of The Fool’s Tale comes a brilliantly-crafted retelling of the legend of Lady Godiva.