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Neil Olson


Neil Olson

Neil Olson is the author of THE ICON, a novel of art theft and family intrigue, and the play "Dealers." His second novel, THE BLACK PAINTING, concerns the unsolved theft of a haunted self-portrait by Goya. He lives in New York City with his wife and cat, and works in the publishing industry.

Neil Olson

Books by Neil Olson

by Neil Olson - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Will Connor returns to his hometown to care for his injured mother. He’s kept his distance from the town since high school, but once home he finds himself reexamining a horrific incident that took place during one of his mother’s “spirit circles.” She had embraced the hippie generation’s fascination with New Age and the arcane, but the unexpected death of a close friend put an end to the meetings of the modern-day coven. Or did it? As Will looks deeper into his family’s history, he discovers that her practices weren’t so much a passing fad but the latest link in a long tradition of New England witchcraft, which still seems to hold a strange power over the town.

by Neil Olson - Fiction

When Teresa’s grandfather summons her and her three cousins to his mansion at Owl’s Point, the invitation comes as a surprise. None of them have seen the old man since they were children, when a priceless Goya painting was stolen from the estate, a theft that split the family apart in a cloud of accusations and suspicion. But when Teresa arrives, she finds the old man dead, his gaze fixed on the wall where the painting once hung. As her family gathers to mourn, Teresa seeks an explanation for her grandfather’s death and the painting’s disappearance. But to do so, she must uncover her family’s secrets and face those who would keep them hidden.