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Nancy J. Parra


Nancy J. Parra

Nancy J. Parra writes cozy mysteries and award-winning romances with strong stubborn heroes and plucky heroines who aren't afraid to go toe to toe with them.

Nancy J. Parra

Books by Nancy J. Parra

by Nancy J. Parra - Crime, Fiction, Food, Mystery, Outdoor, Suspense

Taylor O’Brian, the founder of “Taylor’s Off The Beaten Path Wine Tours,” lives on a small winery with her Aunt Jemma. She plans to take small groups around romantic Sonoma county to discover some of the county’s outdoor gardens. It’s all running as smooth as can be until Laura, the leader of the group of yoga instructors she’s leading, is found dead. And it’s Taylor’s corkscrew that’s found buried in Laura’s neck. Only two weeks after the murder, her very own administrative assistant, Amy, marries Laura’s husband, Dan, and the three yoga masters who were also out on the tour begin to seem shady. Just as Taylor begins her investigation, another dead body surfaces. This time, it’s Dan’s sister. And the killer is coming for Taylor next.

by Nancy J. Parra - Fiction, Mystery
Even though Toni Holmes is used to going against the grain by preparing allergy-safe, gluten-free products for her online bakery, Baker’s Treat, opening a storefront in the middle of wheat country Kansas might be biting off more than she can chew. The town is already skeptical of her flour-free ways, but when a local wheat farmer is murdered outside her patisserie, skepticism turns into outright suspicion.