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Nancy Crochiere


Nancy Crochiere

Nancy Crochiere discovered her knack for writing fiction while crafting creative notes to excuse her daughters’ tardiness at school. For 15 years, she chronicled the ups and downs of family life --- including her obsession with George Clooney, now a sore subject --- in her humorous newspaper column “The Mother Load.” Nancy has published essays in The Boston Globe and Writer’s Digest, and on WBUR’s Cognoscenti. GRACELAND is her first novel. In her spare time, Nancy acts as an extra in feature films and TV, where she can stalk Bradley Cooper unencumbered by restraining orders.

Books by Nancy Crochiere

by Nancy Crochiere - Fiction, Women's Fiction

People-pleasing Hope Robinson can’t seem to please anyone lately --- not her slogan-spewing boss, not her pink-haired teenage daughter, and especially not her mother, flamboyant soap star Olivia Grant. Olivia loves Elvis more than Jesus, and now that she’s on oxygen, she insists that Hope take her on a final trip to Graceland. Eighteen years earlier, pregnant and distraught, Hope fled Tennessee with a secret agreement: to never reveal her baby’s father and never return to Memphis. Olivia, though, has never learned the word no. After she wrangles Hope’s impulsive daughter, Dylan, to drive her from Boston to Memphis with the promise of meeting her mystery father, Hope has no choice but to chase after them. Along the road to Memphis, everyone’s long-held secrets begin to unravel.