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Morag Joss


Morag Joss

Morag Joss grew up on the west coast of Scotland. Her first Sara Selkirk novel, FUNERAL MUSIC, was nominated by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association for the Dilys Award for the year’s favorite mystery. Her fourth novel, HALF BROKEN THINGS, won the 2003 CWA Silver Dagger Award. Morag Joss lives in the country outside the city of Bath and in London.

Morag Joss

Books by Morag Joss

by Morag Joss - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Howard and Deborah have sunk their life savings into the small cottage where they raise sheep and live quiet lives. When Howard has a stroke, Deborah must open the doors to lodgers, turning her home into a bed and breakfast. Two men come one night, drinking too much and complaining too loudly. The next morning, one of them is gone and the other can't even begin to pay the bill. So begins Morag Joss's latest novel, which delves into the corroded pasts of these three characters.

by Morag Joss

Award-winning author Morag Joss spins a spellbinding psychological thriller of three lost souls brought together by disaster, haunted by tragedy, connected by their most shattering secrets.