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Mitchell James Kaplan


Mitchell James Kaplan

Mitchell James Kaplan is the award-winning author of the novels BY FIRE, BY WATER, INTO THE UNBOUNDED NIGHT and RHAPSODY. A graduate of Yale, he has lived in Paris and Los Angeles, and currently lives with his family in Roanoke, Virginia.

Books by Mitchell James Kaplan

by Mitchell James Kaplan - Fiction, Historical Fiction

When Katharine “Kay” Swift --- the restless but loyal society wife of wealthy banker James Warburg and a serious pianist who longs for recognition --- attends a performance of Rhapsody in Blue by a brilliant, elusive young musical genius named George Gershwin, her world is turned upside down. Transfixed, she’s helpless to resist the magnetic pull of George’s talent, charm and swagger. Their 10-year love affair, complicated by her conflicted loyalty to her husband and the twists and turns of her own musical career, ends only with George’s death from a brain tumor at the age of 38.