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Michele Howe


Michele Howe

Michele Howe is a reviewer for Publishers Weekly,, Retailers + Resources, Foreword Magazine,,, among many others national and international publications. She has published over 2,000 reviews/articles and has been featured on numerous radio shows across the country speaking on topics such as parenting and a diverse range of women’s health issues. Her work has been published in MORE, FIRST for Women, Good Housekeeping,, BettyConfidential, HelloWorld, Christianity Today, Discipleship Journal, Midwest Living, Parentlife, Fullfill, Christian Single, Single Parent Family, Focus on the Family, and Connections. She also does copywriting and manuscript reviewing for several publishing houses including New Growth Press.

Michele is the author of 14 books for women. Her book, GOING IT ALONE: Meeting the Challenges of Being a Single Mom (Hendrickson Publishers), provided hope and practical helps for single moms new to parenting solo. She has also authored PILGRIM PRAYERS FOR SINGLE MOTHERS (Pilgrim Press) and a third book of helps for single mothers titled SUCCESSFUL SINGLE MOMS (Pilgrim Press.) In addition to these resources for single mothers, Michele wrote four separate titles combining real life stories with inspirational prayer retreats. These titles published by (Jossey-Bass) include: PRAYERS FOR HOMESCHOOLING MOMS, PRAYERS TO NOURISH A WOMAN'S HEART, PRAYERS FOR COMFORT AND STRENGTH and PRAYERS FOR NEW AND EXPECTING MOMS.

Her newest books include a follow-up resource to GOING IT ALONE titled STILL GOING IT ALONE: Mothering with Faith and Finesse Once the Children Have Grown (Hendrickson Publishers) and BURDENS DO A BODY GOOD: Meeting Life’s Challenges with Strength and Soul co-authored with orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Christopher A. Foetisch (Hendrickson Publishers).

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Making Meaningful Choices, Stepping Into a Meaningful Life was released in early 2013 by Lighthouse of the Carolinas. BURDEN LIFTERS: Every Woman’s Every Day Resource Kit for a Healthy, Happy Life was released by Bondfire Books in late 2013, and ACTA Publications just released FAITH, FRIENDS, AND OTHER FLOTATION DEVICES, which is a compilation of stories, quotes and practical lifestyle recommendations for “staying afloat” during life’s toughest times.

In addition to her article and books writing, Michele writes a weekly women’s lifestyle and single parenting column at She is also featured in the new Single & Parenting Resource Video Series as a parenting expert. In line with her passion for working with single parents, Michele’s resources offer encouragement to women of all ages by challenging them to exercise their combination of strengths, skills and life wisdom in pursuit of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Recognizing that life is often difficult, women can learn how to recognize (and find solace in) significant life-markers and by so doing, acquire the strength to embrace their daily challenges

Michele Howe

Books by Michele Howe

by Michele Howe - Christian, Christian Living, Nonfiction, Personal Growth

You might not have had a day off from work, volunteer obligations or family life for weeks, perhaps months, but Michele Howe has made space for you and done everything to make you comfortable. In each chapter in FAITH, FRIENDS, AND OTHER FLOTATION DEVICES, Michele focuses on a single theme --- forgiveness, providence, regret, contentment and more; introduces you to a woman whose daily experience sheds new light on active, faithful living; and gives you a concise set of guidelines to examine and live your faith.

by Michele Howe - Christian, Nonfiction, Personal Growth

In ONE SIZE FITS ALL, you will discover that much of life and health is about making good choices. What we say yes to, as well as what we say no to, matters in our everyday decisions. Information, no matter how valuable, remains worthless unless we grab hold of its principles and put them to use in our lives. Each one of us determines the quality of life as it pertains to our health.