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Michael P. Spradlin


Michael P. Spradlin

Michael Spradlin is the author of over a dozen books for children, some of which have actually been published. He grew up in a small town in Michigan not far from the Ohio-Indiana border and spent many hours of his young life keeping an eye out for “suspicious Hoosier and Buckeye activity.” His early youth was spent reading hundreds of books, imagining himself as the hero of several epic battles, and sneaking in fireworks from Canada to indulge his favorite pastime which was blowing up his collection of plastic Green Army Men and Matchbox Cars.
Michael Spradlin has never practiced law, dentistry (okay maybe once with a loose tooth, string and a doorknob) or flown in outer space. In 1978, he managed to talk his way into college and emerged four years later with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and no prospects for a real job. He has worked as a field hand, a newspaper delivery engineer, a lawn maintenance specialist, a bartender, a bookseller, and has lived in Michigan his whole life except for a two year sojourn to a Southern state which he refuses to discuss.

Books by Michael P. Spradlin

by Michael P. Spradlin - Adventure, Fiction, Suspense, Youth Fiction

Stranded in the war torn Pacific, Patrick and his younger brother Teddy are finally homeward-bound. They've stowed away on one of the US Navy's finest ships, and now they just need to stay hidden. But Japanese torpedoes rip their dream apart. Patrick and Teddy can handle hunger and dehydration as they float in the water and wait to be rescued. No, the real danger circles beneath the surface. And it has teeth....