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Michael Ennis


Michael Ennis

Michael Ennis taught art history at the University of Texas, developed museum programs as a Rockefeller Foundation Fellow, and worked as an independent curator and consultant. He is the author of two historical novels, THE DUCHESS OF MILAN and BYZANTIUM. He has written for publications such as Esquire and Architectural Digest, and is a regular contributor to Texas Monthly. He has spent the past ten years researching and writing THE MALICE OF FORTUNE. He lives in Dallas with his television producer wife, Ellen, and their daughter, Arielle.

Books by Michael Ennis

by Michael Ennis - Art History, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Politics

Set against a background of Borgia politics, the secret history behind one of the western canon's most controversial works,The Prince, is revealed. Pope Alexander dispatches a Vatican courtesan, Damiata, to uncover the murderer of his illegitimate son. Damiata enlists the help of Niccolo Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci to uncover the killer's taunting riddles.