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Michael Elias


Michael Elias

Michael Elias is a screenwriter and novelist. His credits include The Jerk, Lush Life, and the novels THE LAST CONQUISTADOR and YOU CAN GO HOME NOW. He lives in Paris and Los Angeles.

Michael Elias

Books by Michael Elias

by Michael Elias - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Nina is a tough Queens detective with a series of cold case homicides on her desk --- men whose widows had the same alibi: they were living in Artemis, a battered women’s shelter, when their husbands were killed. Nina goes undercover into Artemis. Though she is playing the victim, she’s anything but. Nina knows about violence and the bullies who rely on it because she’s experienced it in her own life. In this heart-pounding thriller, Nina confronts the violence of her own past in Artemis, where she finds solidarity with a community of women who deal with abusive and lethal men in their own way. For the women living in Artemis, there is no absolute moral compass. There is the law, and there is survival. And for Nina, who became a cop so she could find the man who murdered her father, there is only revenge.

by Michael Elias - Adventure, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

On a Peruvian Andes mountaintop, archaeology professor Nina Ramirez and her students make two stunning discoveries: the 500-year-old mummy of an Inca girl, the victim of ritual sacrifice, and in another grave, the corpse of a recently kidnapped boy wearing the same ancient costume. Child abductions are being reported throughout Peru, and when an American boy is snatched in Lima, FBI agent Adam Palma is assigned to the case.