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Michael Anthony


Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony was born in Massachusetts, in 1986. He grew up south of Boston, earned a BA in English Literature at Bridgewater State University, and an MFA in Creative Writing at Lesley University. He spent six years in the army reserves, with a 16-month deployment, and 12 months in Iraq, where he served as an operating room technician.

His first published book was a memoir detailing his service in Iraq. MASS CASUALTIES: A Young Medic’s True Story of Death, Deception, and Dishonor in Iraq, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly and wide praise from veterans.

Michael’s writings have appeared in numerous books, from children’s to poetry/nonfiction anthologies. He has written for the Washington Post blog, Business Insider blog, as well as several other publications across the web, including a year-long stint as a feature writer and editor of the War and Veterans section for the Good Men Project blog.

In addition to his writings, Michael has appeared on a TV show for the Weather Channel, several documentaries --- ranging from veterans issues to issues of mortality --- and through a joke gone astray (somewhat), he’s even managed to become a mini-viral hit on YouTube. He is also a professional public speaker.

Michael Anthony

Books by Michael Anthony

by Michael Anthony - Memoir, Nonfiction

After 12 months of military service in Iraq, Michael Anthony stepped off a plane, seemingly happy to be home --- or at least back on US soil. He was 21 years old, a bit of a nerd, and carrying a pack of cigarettes that he thought would be his last. Two weeks later, Michael was stoned on Vicodin, drinking way too much, and picking a fight with a very large Hell's Angel. At his wit's end, he came to an agreement with himself: If things didn't improve in three months, he was going to kill himself. CIVILIANIZED is a memoir chronicling Michael's search for meaning in a suddenly destabilized world.