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Melissa Broder


Melissa Broder

Melissa Broder is the author of the novel THE PISCES, the essay collection SO SAD TODAY and four poetry collections, including LAST SEXT. She has written for The New York Times,, VICE, Vogue Italia and New York magazine’s “The Cut.” Her poems have appeared in POETRY, The Iowa Review, Tin House and Guernica, and she is the winner of a Pushcart Prize for poetry. She lives in Los Angeles.

Melissa Broder

Books by Melissa Broder

by Melissa Broder - Fiction, Humor

Rachel is 24, a lapsed Jew who has made calorie restriction her religion. By day, she maintains an illusion of existential control, through obsessive food rituals, while working as an underling at a Los Angeles talent management agency. At night, she pedals nowhere on the elliptical machine. Rachel is content to carry on subsisting --- until her therapist encourages her to take a 90-day communication detox from her mother, who raised her in the tradition of calorie counting. Rachel soon meets Miriam, a zaftig young Orthodox Jewish woman who works at her favorite frozen yogurt shop and is intent upon feeding her. Rachel is suddenly and powerfully entranced by Miriam, and as the two grow closer, Rachel embarks on a journey marked by mirrors, mysticism, mothers, milk and honey.

by Melissa Broder - Fiction

Lucy has been writing her dissertation on Sappho for nine years when she and her boyfriend break up in a dramatic flameout. After she bottoms out in Phoenix, her sister in Los Angeles insists Lucy dog-sit for the summer. But Lucy can find little relief from her anxiety --- not in the Greek chorus of women in her love addiction therapy group, not in her frequent Tinder excursions, not even in Dominic the foxhound's easy affection. Everything changes when Lucy becomes entranced by an eerily attractive swimmer while sitting alone on the beach rocks one night. But when Lucy learns the truth about his identity, their relationship, and Lucy’s understanding of what love should look like, take a very unexpected turn.