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Meg Wolitzer


Meg Wolitzer

Meg Wolitzer is the New York Times bestselling author of THE FEMALE PERSUASION, THE INTERESTINGS, THE UNCOUPLING, THE TEN-YEAR-NAP, THE POSITION, THE WIFE and SLEEPWALKING. She is also the author of the young adult novel BELZHAR. Wolitzer lives in New York City.

Meg Wolitzer

Books by Meg Wolitzer

by Meg Wolitzer - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Greer Kadetsky is a shy college freshman when she meets the woman she hopes will change her life. Faith Frank, dazzlingly persuasive and elegant at 63, has been a central pillar of the women's movement for decades, a figure who inspires others to influence the world. Upon hearing Faith speak for the first time, Greer --- madly in love with her boyfriend, Cory, but still full of longing for an ambition that she can't quite place --- feels her inner world light up. And then, astonishingly, Faith invites Greer to make something out of that sense of purpose, leading Greer down the most exciting path of her life as it winds toward and away from her meant-to-be love story with Cory and the future she'd always imagined.

by Meg Wolitzer - Fiction

The summer that Richard Nixon resigns, six teenagers at a summer camp for the arts become inseparable. Decades later the bond remains powerful, but so much else has changed. In THE INTERESTINGS, Meg Wolitzer follows these characters from the height of youth through middle age, as their talents, fortunes and degrees of satisfaction diverge.