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Matthew Dennison


Matthew Dennison

Matthew Dennison is the author of THE LAST PRINCESS: The Devoted Life of Queen Victoria's Youngest Daughter and LIVIA, EMPRESS OF ROME. A journalist, he contributes to The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Country Life and The Spectator. He is married and lives in London and North Wales.

Matthew Dennison

Books by Matthew Dennison

by Matthew Dennison - Biography, History, Nonfiction

Queen Victoria is Britain’s queen of contradictions. In her combination of deep sentimentality and bombast; cultural imperialism and imperial compassion; fear of intellectualism and excitement at technology; romanticism and prudishness, she became a spirit of the age to which she gave her name. Matthew Dennison's QUEEN VICTORIA is a compelling assessment of Victoria’s mercurial character and impact, written with the irony, flourish and insight that this Queen and her rule so richly deserve.

by Matthew Dennison - History, Nonfiction

One of the them was a military genius, one murdered his mother and fiddled while Rome burned, another earned the nickname "sphincter artist". Six of their number were assassinated, two committed suicide --- and five of them were elevated to the status of gods. They have come down to posterity as the "twelve Caesars." Matthew Dennison offers a beautifully crafted sequence of colorful biographies of each emperor, triumphantly evoking the luxury, license, brutality and sophistication of imperial Rome at its zenith.