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Matt Cain


Matt Cain

Matt Cain is a writer, broadcaster and a leading commentator on LGBT+ issues. He currently presents the flagship discussion show "Sunday Roast" on Virgin Radio Pride. Born in Bury and brought up in Bolton, he now lives in London.

Matt Cain

Books by Matt Cain

by Matt Cain - Fiction

If Ted Ainsworth were to compare himself to one of the ice cream flavors made by his family’s company, it might be vanilla --- sweet, inoffensive and pleasantly predictable. At 43, Ted is convinced there’s nothing remotely remarkable about him, except perhaps his luck in having landed handsome, charismatic Giles as a husband. Then Giles suddenly leaves him for another man, filling his social media feed with posts about #newlove and adventure. And Ted, who has spent nearly 20 years living with, and often for, another person, must reimagine the future he has happily taken for granted. But perhaps there is another Ted slowly blossoming now that he’s no longer in Giles’ shadow --- one who is funny, sassy and more uninhibited. Someone willing to take chances on new friendships and even new love.

by Matt Cain - Fiction, Humor

Albert Entwistle is a private man with a quiet, simple life in his northern England village. He lives alone with his cat, Gracie. And he’s a postman. At least he was a postman until, three months before his 65th birthday, he receives a letter from the Royal Mail thanking him for decades of service and stating he is being forced into retirement. At once, Albert’s sole connection with his world unravels. Rather than continue his lonely existence, Albert forms a brave plan to start truly living. It’s finally time to be honest about who he is. To seek the happiness he’s always denied himself. And to find the courage to look for George, the man who, many years ago, he loved and lost --- but has never forgotten.