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Matt Bell


Matt Bell

Matt Bell’s latest novel is APPLESEED. His craft book, REFUSE TO BE DONE, a guide to novel writing, rewriting and revision, will follow in early 2022.

He is also the author of the novels SCRAPPER and IN THE HOUSE UPON THE DIRT BETWEEN THE LAKE AND THE WOODS, as well as the short story collection A TREE OR A PERSON OR A WALL, a nonfiction book about the classic video game Baldur's Gate II, and several other titles. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, Tin House, Conjunctions, Fairy Tale Review, American Short Fiction and many other publications. A native of Michigan, he teaches creative writing at Arizona State University.

His novel IN THE HOUSE UPON THE DIRT BETWEEN THE LAKE AND THE WOODS was a finalist for the Young Lions Fiction Award and an Indies Choice Adult Book of the Year Honor Recipient, and was selected as the winner of the Paula Anderson Book Award, among other honors. Both IN THE HOUSE and SCRAPPER were selected by the Library of Michigan as Michigan Notable Books.

Matt Bell

Books by Matt Bell

by Matt Bell - Fiction, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

In 18th-century Ohio, two brothers travel into the wooded frontier, planting apple orchards from which they plan to profit in the years to come. The long-held bonds and secrets between the two will be tested, fractured and broken --- and possibly healed. Fifty years from now, climate change has ravaged the Earth. One company now owns all the world’s resources. But a growing resistance is working to redistribute both land and power --- and one of the company’s original founders intends to destroy what he helped build. A thousand years in the future, North America is covered by a massive sheet of ice. One lonely sentient being inhabits a tech station on top of the glacier --- and sets out to follow a homing beacon across the continent in the hopes of discovering the last remnant of civilization.

by Matt Bell - Fiction, Short Stories

A 19th-century minister builds an elaborate motor that will bring about the Second Coming. A man with rough hands locks a boy in a room with an albino ape. An apocalyptic army falls under a veil of forgetfulness. The story of Red Riding Hood is run through a potentially endless series of iterations. A father invents an elaborate, consuming game for his hospitalized son. Indexes, maps and a checkered shirt buried beneath a blanket of snow are scattered through these pages as clues to mysteries that may never be solved. A TREE OR A PERSON OR A WALL brings together Matt Bell’s previously published shorter fiction, along with seven dark and disturbing new stories.

by Matt Bell - Fiction

Detroit has descended into ruin. Kelly scavenges for scrap metal from the hundred thousand abandoned buildings in a part of the city known as “the zone,” an increasingly wild landscape where one day he finds something far more valuable than the copper he’s come to steal: a kidnapped boy, crying out for rescue. Briefly celebrated as a hero, Kelly secretly avenges the boy’s unsolved kidnapping, a task that will take him deeper into the zone and into a confrontation with his own past and long-buried traumas.

by Matt Bell - Fiction

A newly-wed couple escapes the busy confusion of their homeland for a distant and almost-uninhabited lakeshore. They plan to live there simply, but as their every pregnancy fails, the husband begins to rage at this new world: the song-spun objects somehow created by his wife's beautiful singing voice, the giant and sentient bear that rules the beasts of the woods, the second moon weighing down the fabric of their starless sky, and the labyrinth of memory dug into the earth beneath their house.