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Mary-Rose MacColl


Mary-Rose MacColl

Mary-Rose MacColl is the author of five novels, a nonfiction book, short stories, feature journalism and essays. Her first novel, NO SAFE PLACE, was a runner-up for the Australian/Vogel Literary Award, and her first nonfiction book, THE BIRTH WARS, was a finalist in the 2009 Walkley awards for journalism. Her novel IN FALLING SNOW was an international bestseller. She lives is Brisbane, Australia, with her husband and son, and is an ordinary swimmer.

Mary-Rose MacColl

Books by Mary-Rose MacColl

by Mary-Rose MacColl - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Fifteen-year-old Catherine Quick longs to feel once more the warm waters of her home, to strike out into the ocean off the Torres Strait Islands in Australia and swim, as she’s done since she was a child. But now, orphaned and living with her aunt Louisa in London, Catherine feels that everything she values has been stripped away from her. Louisa, a London surgeon who fought boldly for equality for women, holds strict views on the behavior of her young niece. She wants Catherine to pursue an education, just as she herself did. It takes the enigmatic American banker Manfred Lear Black to convince Louisa to bring Catherine to New York where Catherine can train to become the first woman to swim the English Channel.

by Mary-Rose MacColl - Fiction

Iris Crane’s tranquil life is shattered when a letter summons memories from her bittersweet past: her first love, her best friend, and the tragedy that changed everything.