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Mary Reed


Mary Reed

The husband and wife team of Mary Reed and Eric Mayer published several short stories about John, Lord Chamberlain to Emperor Justinian, in mystery anthologies and in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine prior to 1999’s highly acclaimed first full-length novel, ONE FOR SORROW. Entries in the series have been honored by a Best Mystery Glyph Award, an honorable mention in the Glyph Best Book category, and was a finalist for the IPPY Best Mystery Award (TWO FOR JOY), nominations for the Bruce Alexander Memorial Historical Mystery Award (FORU FOR A BOY and FIVE FOR SILVER), and a Glyph Award for Best Book Series (FIVE FOR SILVER). The American Library Association’s Booklist Magazine named the Lord Chamberlain novels one of its four Best Little Known Series.

Mary Reed and Eric Mayer also write under Eric Reed.

Mary Reed

Books by Mary Reed

by Mary Reed and Eric Mayer - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

Emperor Justinian's former Lord Chamberlain, John, gets a letter from his longtime comrade, Felix. For years a Captain of the Excubitors at the court in Constantinople, Felix has achieved his ambition to become a General when Justinian sends him to serve under General Diogenes in fighting for Rome against the besieging Goths. John's covert entrance into Rome is ambushed, driving him deep into ancient catacombs before he exits into the heart of the city. Arrested and brought before Diogenes, John learns that Felix is missing. Then a young woman servant, also missing, is found dead. John has many mysteries to solve before Diogenes' courier to Justinian can return and prompt John's immediate execution.