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Maria Bamford


Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford is the star of "The Maria Bamford Show," "Ask My Mom" and "Lady Dynamite." She was deemed Breakout Comedy Star at Just for Laughs, and her critically acclaimed work includes her stand-up specials "Weakness Is the Brand," "Old Baby" and "Maria Bamford: The Special, Special, Special!" as well as two "Comedy Central Presents" specials.

Maria’s writing has been featured in The New York Times, LA Weekly and more. She is the author of the audio original "You Are (A Comedy) Special." Maria has contributed comedic voice-overs for "Big Mouth," "BoJack Horseman," "Adventure Time," "Word Girl," Kung Fu Panda, "Legend of Korra" and "Teenage Euthanasia."

For her mental health advocacy, she’s been presented with The OCD Foundation’s Illumination Award and featured at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, The Chautauqua Institution, and the Saks Institute for Mental Health Law, Policy and Ethics Symposium. 

Maria Bamford

Books by Maria Bamford

by Maria Bamford - Humor, Memoir, Nonfiction

Maria Bamford is a comedian’s comedian (an outsider among outsiders) and has forever fought to find a place to belong. From struggling with an eating disorder as a child of the 1980s, to navigating a career in the arts (and medical debt and psychiatric institutionalization), she has tried just about every method possible to not only be a part of the world, but to want to be a part of it. In Bamford’s signature voice, SURE, I’LL JOIN YOUR CULT brings us on a quest to participate in something. It explores what it means to keep going and to be a member of society (or any group she’s invited to), despite not being very good at it.