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Marcia Preston


Marcia Preston

Marcia Preston grew up on a wheat farm in central Oklahoma. From her father she learned the art of storytelling; from her mother, a reverence for books; and from Oklahoma’s red earth, a love of wildlife and the outdoors. Writing as M.K. Preston, her first two novels were mysteries featuring the daughter of a Gypsy mother and a redneck father. Marcia herself is neither a Gypsy nor a redneck, just a Democrat.

From this beginning, she moved into general fiction. Marcia earned B.A. and M.A. degrees from University of Central Oklahoma, taught in public high schools for more than a decade, and worked for a time as PR and publications director for the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. She freelanced for a wide variety of magazines for many years and also edited and published ByLine, a trade magazine for aspiring writers.

Her interests include gardening, OU football and Lepidoptera. She lives beside a creek in central Oklahoma, where she feeds the birds and dodges tornadoes.

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Books by Marcia Preston

by Marcia Preston - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Eleven-year-old Kiwi Seager knows two things: She will be going to hell someday, and, worse, her mother can no longer love her. Kiwi has done something no mother could ever forgive, something that has forced this mother and daughter to flee their California home...and to accept the help of strangers. Can they run fast enough and far enough to lose the evil following them? Or does new danger await them, wearing the face of a Good Samaritan? Kiwi holds out little hope of a mother and child reunion, but for now being together is better than nothing.