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Lynn Terry


Lynn Terry

Lynn Terry has worked in photography for more than 20 years. Fueled by her love of animals, she worked with many local animal shelters to bring attention to adoptable dogs, whether it was creating a photo that helped attract a family to adopt a dog or creating calendars to generate much needed revenue for these organizations. Inspired by her interest in vintage “human” photo booth shots, she began a photo booth series of dogs for a local pit bull rescue group, and TAILS FROM THE BOOTH was born.

Books by Lynn Terry

by Lynn Terry - Nonfiction, Photography

In the vein of DOG SHAMING or SHAKE, TAILS FROM THE BOOTH captures the loving, hilarious way dogs interact with each other. The photos allow the personalities of the different breeds to shine through and highlight the friendship they project. The dogs' willingness to adapt and improvise, and their innate sense of concern for one another, is evident, while they still maintain their larger-than-life personalities. The dogs smooch, stick their tongues out at each other, laugh, yawn, howl, sneeze, frown, and make awkward facial expressions, all while Lynn Terry chases them in and out of the frame.