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Linda Feyder


Linda Feyder

Linda Feyder is a practicing psychotherapist in New York. She has been writing fiction for many years, and her stories have appeared in literary journals and magazines. Born in California, her interest in the state and the people it attracts are the subject of her debut collection of short stories. She lives in Long Island with her husband and enjoys traveling and visiting her children in their different locales.

Books by Linda Feyder

by Linda Feyder - Fiction, Short Stories, Women's Fiction

In present-day Southern California, a diverse group of characters seeks the fulfillment and connection this sunny state has always promised. They come with hopes for a better lifestyle, for a change of perspective, or for the dry, mild West Coast weather. Between each of the 13 stories in ALL'S FAIR are interspersed several “snapshot” stories --- poetic pauses --- that blend a set of images into an artistic visual unit, much like a brief cinematic experience. Every character in this collection is distinct from the next, but all of their stories unfold under the glare of the same Southern California sun --- a western desert light so clear and unfiltered that it reveals everything.