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Leigh Montville


Leigh Montville

Three-time New York Times bestselling author Leigh Montville is a former columnist at the Boston Globe and former senior writer at Sports Illustrated. He is the author of STING LIKE A BEE, EVEL, THE MYSTERIOUS MONTAGUE, THE BIG BAM, TED WILLIAMS, AT THE ALTAR OF SPEED, MANUTE and WHY NOT US? He lives in Boston.

Leigh Montville

Books by Leigh Montville

by Leigh Montville - Nonfiction, Sports

It's 1969, and the greatest basketball player of all time --- Bill Russell --- and his juggernaut Boston Celtics squeak through one more playoff run and land in the NBA Finals again. Russell’s opponent is the fearsome seven-foot, one-inch next-generation superstar, Wilt Chamberlain, recently traded to the Los Angeles Lakers to form the league’s first dream team. Covering this epic series is a wide-eyed young sportswriter named Leigh Montville, who would go on to become an award-winning legend himself at The Boston Globe and Sports Illustrated, and who is sent to L.A. (for the first time!) to write about his luminous heroes, the biggest of big men. What follows is a raucous, colorful, joyous account of one of the greatest seven-game series in NBA history.

by Leigh Montville - History, Nonfiction, Sports

WHY NOT US? is about what the Red Sox's amazing victory in the 2004 World Series meant to the fans. It's about how it felt to be a Red Sox fan --- not only at 20 minutes to midnight on October 27, 2004, but decades before. Leigh Montville, best-selling author of TED WILLIAMS and AT THE ALTAR OF SPEED, has interviewed dozens of fans: friends, friends of friends, old sportswriters, ball-players, public figures, and plain folk. Here are their bittersweet stories of passion and pain, eternal hope and crushing despair, the seemingly endless agony and the strange ecstasy of being a Red Sox fan.