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Karin Tanabe


Karin Tanabe

Karin Tanabe is the author of over half a dozen novels, including A WOMAN OF INTELLIGENCE and THE GILDED YEARS. A former Politico reporter, her writing has also appeared in The Washington Post, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune and Newsday. She has appeared as a celebrity and politics expert on "Entertainment Tonight," CNN and "CBS Early Show." Karin is a graduate of Vassar College and lives in Washington, D.C.

Karin Tanabe

Books by Karin Tanabe

by Karin Tanabe - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction

By day, Evra Scott is at the helm of Sunset on Sunset, the store beloved by Hollywood’s young and beautiful. By night, she’s on the arm of Kai de la Faire, Hawaii’s hottest export and the screenwriter of the moment. Enter Theodora Leigh. The twenty-something Paramount assistant looks like a big screen star, but her sights are firmly set behind the scenes, as she fights to become a movie producer in a town where sex and sexism sell. Observing it all is Bea Dupont, a photographer for Rolling Stone and Vogue, who holds Evra’s Sunset crowd together. She’s also Kai’s oldest friend, and she’s harbored a not-so-secret flame for him since they met at an elite Swiss boarding school. It’s not long before Theodora’s unrelenting ambition sets in motion a dramatic quest for power.

by Karin Tanabe - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

A former translator for the United Nations, Katharina Edgeworth --- now the wife of a beloved pediatric surgeon and heir to a shipping fortune --- is desperate to escape the constraints of domesticity. So when she is approached by the FBI and asked to join their ranks as an informant, Katharina seizes the opportunity. A man from her past has become a high-level Soviet spy, but no one has been able to infiltrate his circle. Enter Katharina, the perfect woman for the job. Navigating the demands of the FBI and the secrets of the KGB, she becomes a courier, carrying stolen government documents from D.C. to Manhattan. But as those closest to her lose their covers, and their lives, Katharina’s secret soon threatens to ruin her.