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Juris Jurjevics


Juris Jurjevics

Juris Jurjevics (1943-2018) was born in Latvia and grew up in Displaced Persons camps in Germany before emigrating to the United States. He served in Vietnam for 14 months, nine days and two hours, his original departure date delayed by the Tet Offensive. He wrote two other novels, RED FLAGS and THE TRUDEAU VECTOR, which was published in 10 other countries. Publisher and co-founder of the Soho Press, Jurjevics worked for decades in the book industry.

Juris Jurjevics

Books by Juris Jurjevics

by Juris Jurjevics - Fiction, Mystery

Vietnam, 1963. A female Viet Cong assassin is trawling the boulevards of Saigon, catching US Army officers off-guard with a single pistol shot, then riding off on the back of a scooter. Although the US military is not officially in combat, 16,000 American servicemen are stationed in Vietnam “advising” the military and government. Among them are Ellsworth Miser and Clovis Robeson, two army investigators who have been tasked with tracking down the daring killer.

by Juris Jurjevics - Espionage, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Army cop Erik Rider is enjoying his war until he’s sent to disrupt Vietcong opium fields in a remote Highland province.