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Juan Gabriel Vásquez


Juan Gabriel Vásquez

Juan Gabriel Vásquez's books include the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award winner and national bestseller THE SOUND OF THINGS FALLING, as well as the award-winning REPUTATIONS, THE INFORMERS, THE SECRET HISTORY OF COSTAGUANA, and the story collection LOVERS ON ALL SAINTS' DAY. Vásquez’s novels have been published in 28 languages worldwide. After 16 years in France, Belgium and Spain, he now lives in Bogotá.

Juan Gabriel Vásquez

Books by Juan Gabriel Vásquez

written by Juan Gabriel Vásquez, translated by Anne McLean - Fiction

Colombian film director Sergio Cabrera is in Barcelona for a retrospective of his work. It's a hard time for him: his father, actor Fausto Cabrera, has just died; his marriage is in crisis; and his home country has rejected peace agreements that might have ended more than 50 years of war. In the course of a few intense days, as his films are on exhibit, Sergio recalls the events that marked his family's unusual and dramatic lives. From the Spanish Civil War to the exile of his family to Latin America, and from the Cultural Revolution in China to the guerrilla movements of 1960s Colombia, Sergio and his family's experience is extraordinary by any standards. RETROSPECTIVE reveals the story of one man and his family, and a devastating portrait of the forces that shaped their lives and turned the world upside down.

by Juan Gabriel Vásquez - Fiction, Short Stories

The characters in SONGS FOR THE FLAMES are men and women touched by violence --- sometimes directly, sometimes only in passing --- but whose lives are changed forever, consumed by fire and by unexpected encounters and unyielding forces. A photographer becomes obsessed with the traumatic past that an elegant woman, a fellow guest staying at a countryside ranch, would rather leave behind. A military reunion forces a soldier to confront a troubling history, both personal and on a larger scale. And the search for a book leads a writer to the fascinating story of why a woman is buried next to a graveyard, rather than in it --- and the remarkable account of her journey from France to Colombia as a child orphan.

by Juan Gabriel Vásquez - Fiction, Political Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

When a man is arrested at a museum for attempting to steal the bullet-ridden suit of a murdered Colombian politician, few notice. But soon this thwarted theft takes on greater meaning as it becomes a thread in a widening web of popular fixations with conspiracy theories, assassinations and historical secrets. And it haunts those who feel that only they know the real truth behind these killings.

by Juan Gabriel Vásquez - Fiction

Javier Mallarino is a living legend. He is his country's most influential political cartoonist, the consciousness of a nation. A man capable of repealing laws, overturning judges' decisions, destroying politicians' careers with his art. His weapons are pen and ink. Those in power fear him and pay him homage. At 65, after four decades of a brilliant career, he's at the height of his powers. But this all changes when he's paid an unexpected visit from a young woman who upends his sense of personal history and forces him to reevaluate his life and work, questioning his position in the world.

by Juan Gabriel Vásquez - Fiction

An article transports Antonio Yammara back to when the war between Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s Medellín cartel and government forces played out violently in Colombia’s streets and in the skies above. Troubled by disturbing memories of a friend's murder, Antonio begins to discover the many ways in which his own life and his friend’s family have been shaped by his country’s recent violent past.