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Josh Ritter


Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter is a songwriter from Moscow, Idaho. His albums include The Animal Years and So Runs the World Away. He is the author of BRIGHT'S PASSAGE and THE GREAT GLORIOUS GODDAMN OF IT ALL. He lives in New York.

Josh Ritter

Books by Josh Ritter

by Josh Ritter - Fiction, Magical Realism

In the tiny timber town of Cordelia, Idaho, everyone has heard tales of the Applegates. Local legend says their family line boasts some of the greatest lumberjacks to ever roam the American West, and from the moment young Weldon stepped foot in the deep Cordelia woods as a child, he dreamed of joining the rowdy ranks of his ancestors. But at the beginning of the 20th century, times are changing fast, and the jacks are dying out. On his deathbed nearly a century later, Weldon Applegate recounts his life in all its glory, filled with tall tales writ large with murder, mayhem, avalanches and bootlegging. It’s the story of dark pine forests brewing with ancient magic, and Weldon’s struggle as a boy to keep his father’s inherited timber claim, the Lost Lot, from the ravenous clutches of Linden Laughlin.

by Josh Ritter - Fiction

This wondrous, deeply affecting first novel recounts the unlikely journey undertaken by a father, an infant son, and their guardian angel in the aftermath of the First World War.