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Josh Katz


Josh Katz

Josh Katz, a graphics editor at The New York Times, holds a master's degree in statistics from North Carolina State University. His passion for data visualization led him to develop the statistical algorithm underlying the now famous New York Times dialect quiz and maps.

Photo Credit: © Benjamin Loh

Josh Katz

Books by Josh Katz

by Josh Katz - Linguistics, Nonfiction, Political Science, Social Sciences

Did you know that your answers to just a handful of questions can predict the zip code of where you grew up? In 2013, Josh Katz accumulated and visually mapped over 350,000 unique survey responses to questions about word choice and pronunciation throughout America. His dialect quiz quickly became the most viewed webpage in the history of The New York Times. In SPEAKING AMERICAN, Katz offers a visual atlas of the American vernacular --- who says what, and where they say it --- revealing the history of our nation, our regions and our language.