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Jonathan Weisman


Jonathan Weisman

Jonathan Weisman, an economic and political reporter at the New York Times, is author of the new novel NO. 4 IMPERIAL LANE. His long journalism career has taken him to The Baltimore Sun, USA Today, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and New York Times, where he has covered Congress, presidential campaigns, the war in Afghanistan and the Obama White House.

NO. 4 IMPERIAL LANE marks his entry into the world of fiction, with a novel based on true events: A young American in Thatcher's exhausted England goes to work for a quadriplegic nearing the end of life and his alcoholic sister. Through them, he traces a family's collapse, from aristocracy to elopement, the colonial wars of Portuguese Africa --- Guine and Angola --- South Africa, and the tragedy that brings them all together.

Jonathan lives in Washington, D.C., with his two daughters.

Jonathan Weisman

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by Jonathan Weisman - Coming of Age, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary

David Heller has taken a job as a live-in aide to current quadriplegic and former playboy Hans Bromwell --- in part to extend his stay studying abroad, but in truth, he's looking to escape his own family still paralyzed by the death of his younger sister a decade ago. When David moves into the Bromwell house, his life becomes quickly entwined with those of Hans, his alcoholic sister, and her beautiful fatherless daughter. As David befriends the Bromwells, the details behind the family's staggering fall from grace are slowly revealed.