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John Ferling


John Ferling

John Ferling is Professor Emeritus of History at the State University of West Georgia. A leading authority on American Revolutionary history, he has appeared in many documentaries and has written numerous books, including ALMOST A MIRACLE: The American Victory in the War for Independence, ADAMS VS. JEFFERSON: The Tumultuous Election of 1800, THE FIRST OF MEN: A Life of George Washington, SETTING THE WORLD ABLAZE: Washington, Adams, and Jefferson in the American Revolution, and the award-winning A LEAP IN THE DARK: The Struggle to Create the American Republic.

John Ferling

Books by John Ferling

by John Ferling - History, Nonfiction

A master historian and superb teller of history, John Ferling illuminates the years 1763 to 1783 --- from the end of the French and Indian War that left England triumphant in North America to the signing of the Treaty of Paris in September 1783 and the final departure of British troops from New York City in November of that year. With original insight, he chronicles the myriad and complex events and contentious viewpoints that drove Americans in their insurgency against Great Britain and sustained them in the seemingly quixotic belief that they could win their independence.

by John Ferling - History, Nonfiction, Politics

The decade of the 1790s has been called the “age of passion.” Fervor ran high as rival factions battled over the course of the new republic. In this epochal debate, no two figures loomed larger than Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.Their personalities, their passions, and their bold dreams for America leap from the page in this epic new work from one of our finest historians.