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Jo-Ann Mapson


Jo-Ann Mapson

Jo-Ann Mapson is the author of five previous novels, including the
bestselling THE WILDER SISTERS and BLUE RODEO, which
was made into a CBS-TV movie starring Kris Kristofferson and
Ann-Margret. She lives in south-central Alaska. BAD GIRL is an alternate selection of the Literary Guild, Doubleday Book Club, and Book-of-the-Month Club. OWEN'S DAUGHTER, her latest novel, will be released in July.

Jo-Ann Mapson

Books by Jo-Ann Mapson

by Jo-Ann Mapson - Family, Fiction

Skye Elliot is given a choice after a car accident --- jail or rehab --- and her ex-husband, a bull rider who introduced her to the party scene, gets custody of their four-year-old daughter Gracie. It takes Skye eight months to get clean, but the day she is released, she has one plan: to be a good mother. But she has to find Gracie first. When no one shows up to pick up Skye from the center, she’s devastated at the number of bridges she’s burned. Then a surprise visitor arrives on horseback, leading Skye’s horse Lightning alongside. Together they set off to find Gracie, and to forge a relationship that transcends the hurt and anger that’s been brewing for almost a decade.

by Jo-Ann Mapson - Fiction, Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction

Glory Vigil and her husband, Joseph, have just moved into a house that is rumored to have a resident ghost. Their adopted daughter, Juniper, is still heartbroken over the day eight years earlier when her sister, Casey, disappeared --- in a time before she'd ever met Glory and Joseph. When a fieldwork course takes Juniper to a pueblo only a few hours away, she finds herself right back in the past she thought she'd finally buried.

by Jo-Ann Mapson - Fiction



Glory Solomon, a young widow, hosts weddings at her Central California farm to make ends meet. When a troubled, homeless 14-year-old girl and a traumatized former police officer arrive at her doorstep, everything changes.