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Jim Lehrer


Jim Lehrer

Jim Lehrer has written 20 novels, two memoirs and three plays, and is the executive editor and anchor of "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" on PBS. He and his novelist wife, Kate, have three daughters.

Jim Lehrer

Books by Jim Lehrer

by Jim Lehrer - Fiction, Historical Fiction

As Air Force One touches down in Dallas, ambitious young newspaper reporter Jack Gilmore races to get the scoop on preparations for President Kennedy’s motorcade. Will the bubble top on the presidential limousine be up or down? Down, according to veteran Secret Service agent Van Walters. The decision to leave the top down and expose JFK to fire from above will weigh on Van’s conscience for decades. But will it also change the course of history?

by Jim Lehrer - History, Nonfiction, Politics

From the man widely hailed as “the Dean of Moderators” comes a lively and revealing book that pulls back the curtain on more than 40 years of televised political debate in America.