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Jesse Bering


Jesse Bering

Jesse Bering began his career as a psychology professor at the University of Arkansas and is the former director of the Institute of Cognition and Culture at Queen's University Belfast. In 2011, Bering left his academic post in Northern Ireland and returned to the U.S. to write full time, settling in Ithaca, New York with his partner, Juan Quiles, their kind but morbidly obese cat, Tommy, and two pathologically friendly border terriers, Gulliver and Uma. In addition to his books, Bering is also a regular contributor to many popular magazines, including Scientific American, Slate, New York Magazine, The Guardian, The New Republic, Discover, and more.

Bering is notable for his frank and humorous handling of controversial issues , especially those dealing with sex, evolution, and morality. The Sunday Times refers to his work as "deeply thought-provoking as well as shallowly provocative," while the New York Observer calls it "equal parts sedulous and silly." For more, go to

Jesse Bering

Books by Jesse Bering

by Jesse Bering - Psychology, Sexuality

 With his signature wit and irreverent style, Bering pulls back the curtains on the history of perversions, the biological reasons behind our distaste for unusual sexual proclivities, and the latest research on desire.