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Jeremy Kingsley


Jeremy Kingsley

Jeremy Kingsley is a Bible teacher and leader for a new generation. Every year he challenges large audiences of people in the U.S. and internationally at universities, music festivals, special events and conferences: “Don’t read the Bible to finish; read it to change” and “Humility and service is the path to true greatness.”

Jeremy Kingsley is a third generation minister. He is passionate about knowing Christ and making Him known. A talented and creative communicator, he has become one of the most sought after speakers in the country.

Jeremy’s early years were spent in the frigid winters of Wisconsin and his teen years in the politically charged environment of Washington, DC. In both places Jeremy learned many personal lessons about character, integrity and persecution (that comes when Christians refuse to compromise Jesus’ standards).

After playing three years on the varsity basketball team in high school and scoring over 1,000 points, Jeremy was named the Conference Most Valuable Player his senior year. Colleges pursued him, but so did a higher calling. With an all-consuming desire to “know Jesus,” Jeremy made a difficult decision to give up the opportunity to play college basketball in order to attend Columbia International University in South Carolina and enter full-time vocational ministry. There he earned two degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Bible and Biblical Teaching and a Master of Arts in Teaching.

Since then God has opened the door for Jeremy to minister and speak to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Jeremy invites listeners to be servants, to lead from a humble position and to live authentic Christian lives. He also teaches homiletics, evangelism training and leadership development and is a consultant for churches, para-church organizations and corporations (interested in effective team leadership.)

Jeremy has written multiple articles and two books, ONE STEP CLOSER TO A LIFE WORTH LIVING and BE LAST: Descending to Greatness and has recorded three live speaking events: Amazing Jesus, Reputation and The Encounter. In 2004 Jeremy founded Onelife Ministries, a non-profit, faith-based ministry. Its mission is to invite people to know and love Jesus Christ, to strengthen them in their faith, and to offer biblical insight for long-term spiritual growth and ministry through biblically centered, inspiring and relevant teaching and resources.

Jeremy and his wife, Dawn, live in Columbia, South Carolina, with their sons, Jaden and Dylan and a Cocker Spaniel, Cooper. In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys golf, basketball and classic cars.

Jeremy Kingsley