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Jennifer Mortimer


Jennifer Mortimer

Born in Wellington, New Zealand, Jennifer Mortimer holds degrees in English Literature, Philosophy and Information Science. Choosing a career in Information Technology, she has worked in the UK, USA, Australia and South America, as well as New Zealand, reaching the level of Chief Information Officer. She is now a project manager for Weta Digital in Wellington --- the people behind the special effects for The Hobbit, Avatar and Ironman.

Jennifer and her husband Paul, and their two daughters, live in Wellington, New Zealand. TRILEMMA is her first novel.

Jennifer Mortimer

Books by Jennifer Mortimer

by Jennifer Mortimer - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Maverick executive Lin Mere takes over as CEO for a new telecommunications company. She has followed her father's trail to New Zealand to try to establish a relationship with her father's estranged family and solve the mystery of why they want nothing to do with her...and while in New Zealand, she's intent on rekindling a romance. When danger secretly enters Lin's life from an unexpected source, she has to face an ordeal even more challenging than the battles in the boardroom.