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Jennifer Close


Jennifer Close

Jennifer Close is the bestselling author of GIRLS IN WHITE DRESSES, THE SMART ONE, THE HOPEFULS and MARRYING THE KETCHUPS. Born and raised on the North Shore of Chicago, she is a graduate of Boston College and received her M.F.A. in Fiction Writing from the New School. She now lives in Washington, DC, and teaches creative writing at Catapult.

Jennifer Close

Books by Jennifer Close

by Jennifer Close - Fiction, Humor

Here are the three things the Sullivan family knows to be true: the Chicago Cubs will always be the underdogs; historical progress is inevitable; and their grandfather, Bud, founder of JP Sullivan’s, will always make the best burgers in Oak Park. But when, over the course of three strange months, the Cubs win the World Series, Trump is elected president and Bud drops dead, suddenly everyone in the family finds themselves doubting all they hold dear. How can any of them be expected to make the right decisions when the world feels sideways --- and the bartender at JP Sullivan’s makes such strong cocktails?

by Jennifer Close - Fiction

A New York newlywed, Beth was supportive when her husband, Matt, decided to follow his political dreams all the way to Washington. Yet soon after they move to D.C., Beth realizes that she hates everything about it --- most of all, the lonely dinner parties where anyone who doesn’t work in politics is politely ignored. Things start to change when the couple meets a charismatic White House staffer named Jimmy and his wife, Ashleigh. The four become inseparable, coordinating brunches, birthdays and long weekends away. But as Jimmy’s star rises higher and higher, the couples’ friendship --- and Beth’s relationship with Matt --- is threatened by jealousy, competition and rumors.

by Jennifer Close - Women's Fiction

Isabella, Mary, and Lauren feel like everyone they know is getting married, but among the many celebrations, the girls still have to contend with the problems in their own lives.