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Janice Hadlow


Janice Hadlow

Janice Hadlow worked at the BBC for more than two decades, and for 10 of those years she ran BBC Two and BBC Four, two of the broadcaster’s major television channels. She was educated at Swanley School in Kent and graduated with a first class degree in history from King’s college, London. She is the author of A ROYAL EXPERIMENT, a biography of Great Britain's King George III. She currently lives in Edinburgh. THE OTHER BENNET SISTER is her first novel.

Janice Hadlow

Books by Janice Hadlow

by Janice Hadlow - Fiction, Historical Fiction

What if Mary Bennet’s life took a different path from that laid out for her in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE? What if the frustrated intellectual of the Bennet family --- the marginalized middle daughter, the plain girl who takes refuge in her books --- eventually found the fulfillment enjoyed by her prettier, more confident sisters? This is the plot of Janice Hadlow's debut novel, THE OTHER BENNET SISTER, in which Mary’s destiny diverges from that of her sisters. It does not involve broad acres or landed gentry. But it does include a man; and, as in all Austen novels, Mary must decide if he is truly the one for her.

by Janice Hadlow - Biography, History, Nonfiction

In the U.S., Britain's George III, the protagonist of A ROYAL EXPERIMENT, is known as the king from whom Americans won their independence and as "the mad king." But in Janice Hadlow’s biography, he is another character altogether --- compelling and relatable. The struggle of King George --- along with his wife, Queen Charlotte, and their 15 children --- to pursue a passion for family will surprise history buffs and delight a broad swath of biography readers and royal watchers.