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Jane Healey


Jane Healey

Jane Healey studied writing in the MFA program at CUNY Brooklyn College. Her short fiction has been shortlisted for the Bristol Short Story Prize, the Costa Short Story Award, and the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. THE ANIMALS AT LOCKWOOD MANOR is her debut novel. She lives in Edinburgh.

Jane Healey

Books by Jane Healey

by Jane Healey - Espionage, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Thriller, Thriller

Anna Cavanaugh is a restless young widow and brilliant French teacher at a private school in Washington, DC. Everything changes when she’s recruited into the Office of Strategic Services by family friend and legendary WWI hero Major General William Donovan. As she learns more about the Office's secret missions, her long-awaited opportunity to be stationed abroad comes as she goes undercover as a spy in the French Resistance to help steal critical intelligence that could ultimately turn the tide of the war. She’s driven to make a difference --- for her country and for herself. Whatever the risk, she’s willing to take it to help liberate France from the shadows of occupation and to free herself from the shadows of her former life.

by Jane Healey - Fiction, Historical Fiction

In August 1939, 30-year-old Hetty Cartwright arrives at Lockwood Manor to oversee a natural history museum collection, the contents of which have been taken out of London for safekeeping. She is unprepared for the beautiful and haunted Lucy Lockwood. For Lucy, who has spent much of her life cloistered at Lockwood suffering from bad nerves, the arrival of the museum brings with it new freedoms. But it also resurfaces memories of her late mother, and nightmares in which Lucy roams Lockwood hunting for something she has lost. When the animals appear to move of their own accord, and exhibits go missing, they begin to wonder what exactly it is that they might need protection from.