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Jan Eliasberg


Jan Eliasberg

Jan Eliasberg is an award-winning writer/director. Her prolific directing career includes dramatic pilots for CBS, NBC and ABC, such as "Miami Vice" and "Wiseguy"; countless episodes of television series, including "Bull," "Nashville," "Parenthood," "The Magicians," "Blue Bloods," "NCIS: Los Angeles," "Supernatural" and dozens of others; as well as the feature film Past Midnight, starring Paul Giamatti, the late Natasha Richardson and Rutger Hauer.

Eliasberg also has a storied career as a screenwriter, writing films driven by strong female leads, including Fly Girls about the Women Air Service Pilots in WWII for Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz at FOX 2000, among many others.

Books by Jan Eliasberg

by Jan Eliasberg - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Berlin, 1938. Groundbreaking physicist Dr. Hannah Weiss is on the verge of the greatest discovery of the 20th century: splitting the atom. She believes the weapon's creation will secure an end to future wars, but as a Jewish woman living under the harsh rule of the Third Reich, her research is belittled, overlooked and eventually stolen by her German colleagues. New Mexico, 1945. Someone in the top-secret nuclear lab at Los Alamos has been leaking encoded equations to Hitler's scientists. Chief among Major Jack Delaney’s suspects is Hannah Weiss, an exiled physicist lending her talent to J. Robert Oppenheimer's mission. All signs point to Hannah as the traitor, but over three days of interrogation, Jack will realize they have more in common than either one bargained for.