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Jackie Fraser


Jackie Fraser

Jackie Fraser is a freelance editor and writer. She's worked for AA Publishing, Watkins, the Good Food Guide, and various self-published writers of fiction, travel and food guides, and self-help books. She reads a lot (no, really), in multiple genres, and is fascinated by the Bronze Age. She likes vintage clothes, antique fairs and photography. She likes cats.

Books by Jackie Fraser

by Jackie Fraser - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Thea Mottram is having a bad month. She has been let go from her office job with no notice, and her husband of nearly 20 years has decided to leave her for one of her friends. When she learns that a distant great uncle in Scotland has passed away, leaving her his home and a hefty antique book collection, Thea decides to leave Sussex for a few weeks. Almost instantly, she becomes enamored with the quaint cottage, comforted by its cozy rooms and lovely but neglected garden. The locals are just as warm, quirky and inviting. The only person she can’t seem to win over is bookshop owner Edward Maltravers, to whom she hopes to sell her uncle’s book collection. But bickering with Edward proves oddly refreshing and exciting, leading Thea to develop feelings she hasn’t experienced in a long time.